Tom Doig

Hitlerhoff (2008)

David Hasselhoff and Adolf Hitler: together at last! In this jackboot-black comedy, the life stories of the Hoff and the Führer are mashed together, creating a loveable Frankenstein's monster who is HUGE in Germany. 

Have you ever pondered the connection between Pamela Anderson and international communism? Ever asked yourself what KITT had to with the Blitzkrieg? Ever considered the disturbing similarities between Hitler's Aryan fantasies and the blonde, blue-eyed dream-world of Baywatch? Now you can!

Hitlerhoff is a Molotov cocktail of pop-culture and propaganda, banality and evil. While its controversial subject matter will inevitably offend some people, Hitlerhoff's satire raises important questions – about the dangerous power of celebrity-worship, ambition and blind faith.

Written and Produced by Tom Doig
Directed by Erin Kelly
Starring Tobias Manderson-Galvin

Official Hitlerhoff blog (includes transcript of Tom's MA thesis on Hitler Comedy)

Videorecording of show:

Tom Doig meets, and touches, the Hoff:

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