Tom Doig

Cuba Street Carnival - the Documentary (unfinished; 1999)

Never-seen-before footage from a documentary that never-quite-was, about the 1999 Wellington Cuba Street Carnival.

Thomas LaHood, Puck Murphy, Luke Savage and myself did our level best to capture the madness and pathos of the day, but we were young, and it was rainy and cold. Here are some highlights:

Thomas LaHood 'interviews' Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement, aka Flight of the Conchords:

Thomas LaHood 'interviews' Samuel Flynn Scott and Lukasz Buda, from The Phoenix Foundation:

Thomas LaHood 'interviews' Richard Prebble (former leader of the ACT Party), and some crazy heavy metal guy (ACT voter):

Thomas LaHood 'interviews' a very eloquent homeless man

Thomas LaHood 'interviews' outsider artist Colin Korovin