Tom Doig

Next stop: Ubud Writers and Readers Festival!

The countdown begins for the multifarious amazement that is the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival - I can't wait! (And I don't have to, because the festival begins any day now ...)

Ubud Bike & Literary Tour with Tom Doig
Sunday 13 October 2013

Tom has cycled from Moron to Moron in Mongolia & this year he’ll take you from Mt. Batur Volcano to Ubud. While Tom rides up the volcano, you will drive up for a breakfast over looking the stunning Penelokan Kintamani. Afterwards you'll cycle down through forests, rice terraces & small villages while Tom shares some of his cycling stories. The tour will end with a delicious Balinese buffet & chance to share your own travelling tales with literary (mis)adventurer Mr Doig. Please meet at Honeymoon Guesthouse II.

Writing on the Road
Monday 14 October 2013

Backpack (suitcase), notebook, laptop, mobile, camera, research, desire, courage... Hear from these travel writers about their experience writing from the road — is it always so easy to find an original angle & what lengths do you go to to find the story?
With: Claire Scobie
Jan Cornall
Laura Jean McKay 

Laki-laki Yang Lucu
Monday 14 October 2013 

How & why do these men use comedy to convey their stories? Are people born funny or do you have to work really hard to write genuinely funny material?
With: Ernest Prakasa
Jon Doust
Khairani Barokka
Morris Gleitzman
(*not a man)

The Second Sex Debate
Tuesday 15 October 2013

'It would be folly to expect that women will ever dominate or even approach equal representation in a large number of areas simply because their aptitudes, abilities & interests are different for physiological reasons.’ – Tony Abbott (1978). The quote may be old, but in 2013 have beliefs really changed?
With: Clementine Ford
Florence Williams
Jon Doust
Khairani Barokka
Chip Rolley
I Wayan Juniartha